DIY Bed Bug Treatment

Have you ever seen bed bugs in your home or have bites from them? A DIY bed bug treatment can be the answer to your prayers, if you are not ready to get a pest control company involved.

Luckily, many professional companies offer affordable pest control services that deal with bed bugs too. If you take action and follow the treatment outlined here from start to finish you could remove and eradicate bed bugs from your home once and for all on your own.


  • Treat bed bugs with a vacuum

The first step is to suck-up bed bugs by using a strong vacuum cleaner that has a powerful hose attached to it. Vacuum clean for at least few days in an attempt to get rid of these bed bugs. Make use of the vacuum on your bedding, your mattress, your soft furniture including cushions, chairs and sofas.

Start from the upper surfaces and make your way downwards, paying close attention to floors, carpets, and cracks present in floorboards or walls. Keep an eye on electrical appliances like laptops and fans too.

When you have completed the whole vacuum cleaning process for eradicating bed bugs, discard the vacuum bag as far as possible from your living space, so that there is no opportunity for them to get their way back in.

  • Wash your bedding and clothes

Secondly, for an effective bed bug treatment, make sure you keep washing your clothes and bedding regularly. I know this is common sense and many people do it, buts it’s best to make a conscious effort to maintain this on a more frequent basis. Keep an eye on your labels to make sure whether they can tolerate hot water or not.

Proper use of dryer heat and hot water will help in killing bed bugs.

  • Silica gel

Thirdly, silica gel. You have probably noticed the presence of small packets of silica gel in shoe boxes, food products and other items for keeping the contents dry and to kill off the insects. You can also do the same thing within your home. Here you can grind beads of silica gel and spread the powder around living space.

But note, if you have kids and pets around, this treatment may not be a good fit, as the ground silica gel can be harmful.

  • Alcohol

Fourthly, using alcohol for bed bug treatment is another approach that can help. All you need to do is, pour some alcohol in a bottle and spritz it on the areas where you feel the presence of irritating bed bugs. This alcohol can help in killing bugs easily.

  • Scented dryer sheet

Fifthly, scented dryer sheets can assist in eliminating bed bugs as they encourage them to shift to a new place for their habitat. This solution is quite temporary as you will need to still eradicate them from their new settlement.

  • Double-sided tape

Sixthly, use double-sided tape around the circumference of your bedposts at the floor ends. This way, if bugs try climbing on your bed, they will be trapped at the base of your bed posts.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is well known for absorbing moisture in the refrigerator but it can also be used for sucking the moisture out of the bodies of bed bugs. You can sprinkle the baking soda on the places where you feel the presence of bed bugs. Make sure you vacuum it properly and reapply after a few days.

Trying these effective DIY methods for bed bug treatment can get the job done and remove these pesky pests. You can also contact a local professional pest control company near you to get rid of these bed bugs 100% hassle-free.


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