Why You Should Book A Pest Inspection Before Buying Your Hom

The process of buying a house isn’t easy. From deciding what realtor to go with, to what home loan suits you, or just understanding escrow, there’s a lot to get your head around. 

Sadly, there’s one essential step that is often overlooked by American home buyers, and it’s one that is costing them big time. 

According to Pest Alert, leaders in Dubbo pest control, before you even consider putting in an offer you should book a pre-purchase pest inspection, otherwise known as a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) search. 

Why should you have a pest inspection, you ask? 

In America termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year and are known as “silent destroyers” due to their ability to render a home uninhabitable. 

The more serious the infestation is the more expensive it is to get rid of them. 

Not only have you got pest control to deal with but also repair work to ensure the building isn’t dangerous.

termite-controlThe average cost to repair termite damage runs into the thousands and with most homeowners taking 20-40 years to pay off their home, it’s the last thing anyone needs to spend money on when a mortgage is in play.

Sadly for would-be-homeowners the signs of termite infestations are near-invisible to the untrained eye. 

It can take three to eight years for the signs of an infestation to become immediately apparent, and by then, you can bet your bottom dollar major structural damage has been done…one small colony of 60,000 can eat a 2″ x 4″ in just five months.

It’s best to leave these things to the professionals and contact a pest control company. When searching for a company make sure they employ or use the services of an entomologist, who are experts in the bugs’ behavior. 

Calgary home severely damage after lightning strike

The Calgary Fire Department said a house in University Heights sustained “severe damage” in a fire that was caused by a lightning strike early Monday morning.

Crews responded to the house fire at 2:15 a.m.

The home was damaged, as was a nearby tree.
“The fire was quickly brought under control and crews were remaining on scene through the night looking for hot spots and extension,” the CFD said in a news release.

A fire investigator was also on scene to determine the extent of the damage.

Enmax also responded to check the utility services.

Pest Control Calgary

The mild, rainy ocean climate has long been the envy of Canadians looking to escape the cold of more eastern provinces. But the conditions that make Calgary appealing to humans are exactly the same that make it an ideal home for pests who wouldn’t be able to survive the cold dry winters further east.

The dense vegetation that covers much of Calgary is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As BC’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Calgary harbours also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Calgary and the surrounding areas like. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.

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Most Popular Calgary Neighbourhoods to Reside

Calgary is already thriving, so it should come as no surprise that there are incredible neighbourhoods in the city.
One of the best things about these neighbourhoods is that they aren’t focused on one type of lifestyle. Instead, there are top neighbourhoods catering to young professionals, while others are geared to students or families.
1. Varsity
Varsity is considered one of Calgary’s warmest neighbourhoods. That might be because of the area’s blend of seniors and families, all of whom take care of one another. The neighbourhood itself adds to the welcoming feel, with its quaint, quiet streets. At the same time, Varsity has great shopping and recreation options, including a range of family-friendly activities. Don’t overlook the location either. With the C-Train and a highway close-by, you’ll never have a problem getting around anywhere in the city.
2. Edgemont
Located by the well-loved Nose Hill Park – Edgemont is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary. Part of the reason for that is the strong, active community in the area. Most residents are part of the community association and it’s common for folks to work together on neighbourhood improvement projects. This is the kind of place where, when you move in, you’ll never want to leave!
3. Beltline
Beltline is as cool as they come. From hipster bookstores to banging clubs, the neighbourhood is on the cutting edge of everything. That makes it a favourite, especially for young people. At the same time, there are enough laid back, natural spaces to give locals downtime when they need it. With millennials being dubbed the “new grandparents” for their love of low-key downtime, it’s no wonder they’re flocking to the Beltline.
4. Signal Hill
Signal Hill offers the perfect blend of art, culture, and Calgary history. In fact, it’s highlight – Battalion Park has so much historical significance that tourists come from far are wide to visit its art installation. Despite its history, the area is still well grounded in the present, boasting incredible shopping areas, including the Westhills Shopping Centre. There’s also a strong sense of community in Signal Hill, with locals watching out for and helping one another.
5. Arbour Lake
This has one thing no other neighbourhood on this list has – a private beach. Seriously! Arbour Lake centres around a gorgeous lake, which features a residents-only beach. If that’s not a reason to live here, we don’t know what is! If you still want more though, don’t worry. Arbour Lake also has a range of great restaurants, making it a foodie’s dream. After your meal, enjoy a drive through the community’s quaint, quiet streets before heading back to your own gorgeous digs!
6. Downtown
Downtown is where the party’s at – both literally and figuratively. The neighbourhood is a hotspot, with the best nightlife, hip dining options, and cool shopping centres. At the same time, Downtown has the second highest number of corporate headquarters in all of Canada. That makes it the perfect place to find a job in the business segment – and a home close to work. With all it has to off, it’s no wonder Downtown always makes the lists of top neighbourhoods.
7. Brentwood
Brentwood has made top neighbourhoods lists frequently as well. Based right next to Varsity, Brentwood shares its reputation as a warm, friendly community. There are strong transit options, making it easy to move throughout the city. At the same time, the neighbourhood will make you never want to leave. Why not? Because there’s too much fun to be had! From the many recreational activities offered by the community to the Brentwood Sportsplex, you – and your loved ones – will never be short of things to do!
8. Crescent Heights
Crescent Heights has dream views. Not only is it on the banks of Bow River, but it also plays host to the scenic McHugh Bluff Park. On top of that, it’s close to downtown, making Crescent Heights the place for relaxing beauty and lively nightlife. Crescent Heights does have a slightly higher crime rate than many of the other neighbourhoods on this list. While most people think the neighbourhoods’ benefits – including its many dining, shopping, and entertainment options – offset this, it’s important to think about before you move in.
9. Huntington Hills
Huntington Hills is a dream family community. There are good schools, great playgrounds, and awesome libraries. It’s no wonder people are desperate to raise their kids here! There’s also a lot going on in the neighbourhood. The community associations are active, working hard to plan activities and recreation programs for adults and kids all year long. They’ve even put together a community skateboard park!
10. Bridgeland – AKA Riverside
Bridgeland is all about food and location. The neighbourhood is close to downtown, so everything locals could need is close-by, making it easy for them to walk or bike anywhere they need to go. While the neighbourhood has a reputation as a warm, friendly community, it’s real claim to fame is its many popular restaurants, including Blue Star and Tazza. This is certainly an area to drool over!
Pest Control Calgary
Behind every new discovery is a story – a journey, an experience, the start of something special… We’re proud to be telling Calgary’s story. It’s one we’re excited about, because it’s constantly growing and evolving. Now, we’re inviting our visitors to be a part of Surrey’s story… because our big, burgeoning city is the starting point for something extraordinary.
Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in BC, but with city expansion and shrinking of  natural environments, that comes a lot more potential for pest problems. A substantial nuisance is caused through them and as a result it is a must to take effective measures that will protect your home or business, as well as you, from all the possible diseases.

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Overview of Calgary

Calgary is divided into four quadrants, and the quadrant in which a particular neighborhood of Calgary is situated is reflected in its street address, which ends in NW, SW, SE or NE. Avenues typically run east-west, while streets run north-south. Once you adjust to this system, navigating around Calgary becomes very easy.

The public transport system in Calgary isn’t as comprehensive as those seen in other large Canadian cities. That doesn’t mean that you need a car here, but, compared to some other cities, proximity to your workplace may be a more important consideration when assessing the best neighborhoods in Calgary for you.

Traveling between quadrants (e.g Southwest to Northeast) can be tricky on public transport, and heavy traffic congestion is also common if you have to drive across bridges during rush hour. The morning and evening commute shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a new place to call home among the many Calgary neighborhoods. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each of these four Calgary quadrants.

Calgary, like Alberta in general, relies heavily on the oil and gas industry, thus generating regular ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ cycles. The city is recovering from recession, and there’s plenty of residential construction taking place across the city. New condominium (condo) units are popping up across Calgary, boosting an already steady supply of residential properties.

As with most cities, Calgary neighborhoods closer to downtown tend to be more expensive, and neighborhoods that further out tend to be less expensive. Bear this in mind when researching where to live in Calgary. Downtown locations, such as the Beltline and Kensington, are becoming increasingly popular, however, because there’s no need for residents to splash as much cash on public transport or hefty parking costs.

The suburbs of Calgary are typically newer and, with an ever-sprawling city, many larger homes have been built in the suburbs. Houses in desirable inner-city Calgary neighborhoods tend to retain value and appreciate more than houses in the outer suburbs.

When selecting the best place to live in Calgary, you may also be influenced by your age and lifestyle. For example, if you have a young family, the best neighborhoods in Calgary for you may be in the suburbs, where your kids can walk to school and participate in sports.

New and seasoned home buyers will enjoy the many different neighbourhoods to choose from in the Calgary real estate market, as well as the variety of houses, apartments and townhouses available in our listings. Depending on what type of lifestyle you prefer, you could be right in energetic downtown Calgary, or a more suburban setting close to beautiful parks or near top-rated schools. Regardless, you’ll always be surrounded by Calgary’s natural beauty.


Many homes in Calgary experience problems with pests and need assistance with pest control and termite control.
The most common breed of mouse in Calgary is the house mouse. They vary in color from white to grey and light brown to black. These critters have a strong sense of hearing and communicate with other mice by squealing — some audible to humans and extend to an ultrasonic range.
Did you know that house mice are known for their quick reproduction? One female house mouse has the ability to produce up to 8 litters per year!
Our technicians are more than just mouse catchers! They have the structural know-how and hands-on skills to provide permanent solutions to most structural deficiencies that might be causing mice to come inside.

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Salmon Arm is located on an arm of Shuswap Lake. This popular lake provides for a host of summer activities and brings locals and visitors alike to experience what the area has to offer. Water sports are one of the main attractions with several locations good for swimming and boating. Fishing is also popular with several species of fish including Kamloops, Rainbow, Bull, and Eastern Brook Trout, Kokanee, Whitefish, Lingcod, and Perch. Take a walk on the Salmon Arm Wharf, a wooden boardwalk that is the longest inland wooden curved wharf in Canada. A scenic stroll will offer a great view of the bird sanctuary and ecological reserve. For the more active visitors there are trails for hiking, biking, horse riding, and mountain biking and in the winter snowmobiling is a favorite pastime.
Salmon Arm is located on Trans-Canada Highway 1, 108 km (67 mi) east of Kamloops and 60 km (37 mi) north of Vernon in the Thompson Okanagan region.

Pest Control in West Kelowna

As a professional pest control company in the West Kelowna area, our goal is to create a pest-free environment for you and your family. More than that, we also want to build a relationship of trust with every customer. One of the many ways we do that is by providing the best pest control service in the city. We take pride in our work and our service and will always answer your call.
There’s no need to worry, we have it all under control! Give us a call anytime, 24 Hours – 7 days a week. Pests don’t wait to work around your schedule, which is why we’re always there when you need us.
Call us today for a survey of your pest problem. Our team is ready and eager to respond to your immediate needs.

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Pests of the Dark

What Dwells Below?

There are inevitably pests in your house or apartment, and so long as you keep everything neat and tidy, they should all be very manageable and not something that bothers your day-to-day activities.

But if you live in a house and have a basement, a handful of bugs and vermin would prefer to make their homes there rather than in your living room or even kitchen.

It’s darker and damper, and more accessible for pests that come in to your house via pipes and drains or bugs that are on the ground and slip through the cracks and foundations. Absent a regular human occupant, it’s also more peaceful for them.

In this post, we’re going to be talking about some of the pests you’ll readily find in your basement, and what you can do to keep them out.


How to Rid Your Home of Mice and Rats for Good

While mice and rats like grooming themselves, they’re also carriers of diseases like leptospirosis. If you find them in your basement, setting traps would be the more humane way of dealing with them – while it may seem like the more brutal option, sticky paper would actually mean a slow death for them and leaving poison for them means you may not readily find their bodies to dispose of them quickly and safely.


Most spiders you see in basements are harmless, and are in fact good for you since they eat a lot of other peskier bugs you’ll find in your home (cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and more) and if anything, you may just want to clear out their cobwebs.

However, there are 2 dangerous spiders you may want to keep an eye out for – the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.

You can tell a Brown Recluse by its color and telltale violin-shaped mark on its body, and a Black Widow is a shiny black with a red mark below its abdomen.  While they’re shy and are generally non-aggressive, their venom is toxic to humans and very painful so if you see one, consider getting rid of them carefully or call a pest control services provider ((you wouldn’t want to be down there and not notice you’re about to come into contact with one!).


Despite the name, Earwigs no more crawl in to your ears than any other small insect might. While they have pincers, they usually lack the force to break skin and are considered harmless. Like spiders, they spend their time hunting pests that are more problematic for you.


While they may look like they crawled their way out from the bowels of hell itself, centipedes typically do their best to stay out of your way and only really bite you if you pick them up. Like spiders and earwigs, they show their gratitude for your hospitality by hunting other pests for you.


Unlike most of the others on this list, there are no benefits to having cockroaches in your house. Like rats, they’re carriers of bacteria and disease, and will happily propagate it wherever their tiny and frightening spiked legs carry them.

To get rid of roaches, regularly clean your basement (and house, of course), and make sure there aren’t any readily available food sources for them like trash. Some cockroaches do eat common household items like toothpaste and soap, so if you have any in your basement, keep them in proper containers.

Also get rid of unnecessary boxes or other storage containers bugs can crawl into and hide (consider using tin or plastic containers) and consider investing in a portable humidifier if you don’t have one yet.

It has a lot of respiratory benefits and helps dry skin, and helps prevent dampness thereby helping to keep pests (and mold) away!

For any pest infestation, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional pest control company Serving greater Phoenix AZ with quality pest control services.

Author Bio: Dane Kolbaba is an owner at He resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and four furry friends. He has a passion for helping others and enjoys surrounding himself with interesting and motivating people.

How To Prevent Termites From Taking Over Your House

Termites have been keeping carpenters annoyed and employed for millennia. These sneaky little creatures can turn a solid wood structure into a pile of toothpicks in short order.

Each year, termites and similar pests cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in Canada alone. So, knowing how to prevent these little buggers is important. There are a few tricks you can do to ensure your old house is as safe as possible. Though no wooden structure is completely safe from termites, these tips can save you money and frustration.

1. Fix Leaks
Termites love soft wood! Much the same way we appreciate an especially tender steak, termites are looking for some soft tasty wood to munch on. When you have a water leak, whether, from leaking pipes or an old roof, that water is causing wood to soften up. Wet wood is softwood. And often times, you’ll have a colony of termites set up shop right at the spot where the wood has been softened up from months or years of a leak softening the wood up.
Be vigilant about your old house’s preventative maintenance. Check for leaks annually in the attic and basement or crawl space. Fixing these leaks early is like slamming the door in the termite’s faces.

2. Use Borate
Spraying borate onto any wood prior to priming and painting is an excellent way to prevent termites, carpenter ants, and some wood destroying fungi from attacking your house. Products like Bora-Care are simple to apply, you just dilute with water and spray on any wood you want to keep termites off of. The sprays soak into the wood and make for a very unappetizing meal. After it dries, you can still prime and paint any treated wood.
The great thing about these sprays is that they only need to be used once. One treatment works for decades as long as the boards aren’t exposed to rain before being painted. And while many houses are treated with borate during construction these days you can also treat any existing house just as easily.

3. Use Old-Growth Wood
Yet one more reason to use salvaged materials to repair your old home. If you have some damage to your house that needs repair, try using reclaimed old-growth wood for the repair instead of the soft new wood from lumberyards and hardware stores. Old-growth lumber is higher in resins, has more rock hard “late wood”, is more stable, more rot-resistant and a slew of other benefits. All that translates to a wood that is less attractive to termites and other insects. Find a local architectural salvage yard or restoration carpenter and they can help you find the right wood for the job.

4. Get a Termite Bond
In case you’re not familiar with how a termite bond works, here’s the skinny. You pay a pest control company a couple of hundred dollars every year to ensure you against termite infestations. If they find active termites in your house they treat for free and usually pay for any damage caused by the termites. A termite bond works good because it transfers the risk of a termite problem to the pest control company and off of your shoulders. Another positive is that the company is motivated to come out and do spot treatments (also free with a bond) because if there is damage it’s their responsibility.

That’s it! The rest that you can do is to pay attention to. If you see evidence of termites like rainbow looking wings around your windows or frass, which looks like poppy seeds but is actually the waste of termites. Either of those is sure-fire signs that you’ve got termites. Keep an eye out and practice these tips and your house should be just fine for years to come.


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Bed Bugs – What to do about them

Bed bugs—the words alone are terrifying. The thought of the itching, the weeks-long hassle—not to mention the cost of treatment—send shivers up the spine of even the most hardened city dweller. Bed bugs aren’t just limited to cities, either. No matter where you live (and no matter how clean you are) you could be at risk. However, take heart—knowing the common causes of bed bugs puts you one step closer to prevention.

Areas of the Home with Bed Bugs You purchased used furniture
You already know to thoroughly check used mattresses for bed bugs. However, the name bed bug is a bit of a misnomer. These unwelcome critters can take up residence anywhere in a home, especially if you purchased used furniture. Couches, chairs, clothing—none of it is truly safe. Therefore, give that thrift-store couch a thorough once-over before taking it home.

You have a cluttered home
While it’s true that bed bugs can infest any home regardless of cleanliness, the more cluttered your space, the more places they have to hide.

You recently had house guests
Dear Aunt Lorna is coming to visit, bearing gifts for the whole family. Does her list include the unwelcome gift of bedbugs? Gently ask if she’s had bed bugs in her home recently before offering a place to stay and invest in high-quality bedbug covers for your guests.

You’ve traveled recently
Check hotel reviews online before booking a hotel to make sure you won’t pick up any unwanted souvenirs (i.e. bedbugs) on your trip.


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